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Hebrew Typesetting

We have always loved Hebrew letters and began scribing letters and hand calligraphing ketubot. We were one of the first users to create Hebrew fonts on the Macintosh computer. The tools for writing Hebrew documents today have become so much more powerful. 

Typesetting Hebrew documents is a complex task that requires specialized tools, especially if you require vocalization (נקודות) and correct

placement of cantillation marks (טעמים). Choosing the right fonts is also important, and too often the choice of Hebrew fonts is a last minute decision, based on what is readily available, instead of carefully considering its function, the intended audience, and the matching English. Trained in traditional calligraphy, we appreciate the finer aspects of desktop publishing such as line spacing and letter spacing that can mean the difference between a professional-looking and amateur-looking product. Our proficiency in Judaic texts and Hebrew fluency allows us to produce bilingual documents (siddurim, haggadot, etc.) with ease and professionalism that few studios can match.