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Custom Siddurim & 

Hebrew Typesetting

Our most ambitious Siddur Project was the siddur for the WUPJ (World Union for Progressive Judaism). As the umbrella organization for Reform and Liberal synagogues around the world, they wanted a siddur for their international conference that included over 12 languages! We have also produced adult Siddurim for Temple Har Zion (Toronto), Holy Blossom Temple (Toronto) and Temple Israel (Ottawa) and two Siddurim for students of The Leo Baeck Day School.

The Leo Baeck Siddur Senior edition (Grades 5–8) contains the texts        for a weekday Shacharit service and a Friday afternoon Kabbalat     Shabbat service. The Junior edition contains a core service for        Grades 1 and 2, and a second set of services for Grades 3 and 4.

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A sample spread from the Senior edition of The Leo Baeck Siddur is   shown below. Each page is framed with an accessible commentary to enhance the meaning of the prayers. The design of the page recalls the format of a page of Talmud, with the central text in the center, and the commentary along the edges.