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Graphic Posters

Contemporary Hebrew Aleph Bet Poster

Creative, contemporary Hebrew letter design by Baruch Sienna. A modern, surprising Hebrew alphabet using basic geometric forms. The goal was to create the simplest letter shapes possible that would still be recognizable. The alphabet's letters, a symbol of knowledge, are portrayed in new and unusual ways to express the idea that “creativity is more valuable than knowledge.”

Aleph Bet of the Jewish Home

Featuring an original, contemporary, decorative Hebrew alphabet this poster contains a list of twenty-two words that begin with each letter of the Hebrew aleph-bet. From Aleph-Ahavah (love) to Tav (Torah) this (30x40cm) poster suitable for home, school or office is a perfect gift for a wedding, engagement or house warming.

Visual Tefilah

Using principles of creative visual design we have created a number of liturgical posters that are available for sale. 

Please contact us to order any of these posters, or if you are interested in commissioning a unique piece of art based on a liturgical text.