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Papercut Designs

Rabbi Tarfon

This 12" design features the text from Pirkei Avot; Rabbi Tarfon’s famous dictum is a perfect gift for teachers or rabbis. (Note: even the Hebrew text is unfinished, as if to illustrate his point that we must begin the work, even if we cannot complete it.)

Inscription text can be personalized with teacher name, school and years of service or other inspirational message. 

$125. framed


This 12" design is an abecedaire— all 22 Hebrew letters are represented by the collage of images in this colourful papercut (no ink is used). Can you find all of them? $125.

Shalom I

The original papercut designs below are 8" square suitable for framing. 

$75 each. To order, contact Baruch.

Shalom II

Goleil Ohr